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Highlights of January 2007

What we were reading in January 2007.

Ohio Trip

The first week in January, Jon went to Cincinnati to speak at DAAP - the Architecture department at his old school. He also saw our old house and visited with his sisters.

Remodel 2007

Jumping from our former house (above) to our current abode, below are pictures of the master bedroom and living room/dining room area with new red oak hardwood flooring.  There is no furniture in the bedroom yet since our post-college furnishings are giving way to a new set ordered from Canada.  The floors in the living and dining room plus entry are curing for a week while we have some painting done and mega cleaning to remove some of the dust.  We intend to have a minor  repeat performance in May when the remaining stairs and second floor landing will have hardwood installed.

Master bedroom - no Super Bowl for that TV!

Looking down on the living room and entry, note the wood has been laid perpendicular.

The first picture is the living room looking toward the dining room and the second view is the dining room looking back toward living room. Unfortunately, this project will not be complete in January.  Putting everything back together will take us several months.


In late January, Jon traveled to Dubai for a joint Asia/European Autodesk meeting. In addition to business, we spent some time team-building and getting to know the middle east.

Photo courtesy S. Grant.

The first morning, we took a boat trip and saw Palm Island and the Burj Dubai from the ocean.

BW photo courtesy J. Huang

Later that day, we went on a desert safari that featured 4-wheel driving in the desert, a visit to a camel farm, camel rides, and culminated with a banquet that included henna, belly dancing, and smoking sheesha.

Photos courtesy J. Huang
Photos courtesy J. Hong

Photos courtesy J. Huang

Photo courtesy J. Hong
Photos courtesy J. Hong
Photos courtesy J. Huang

Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and construction cranes are everywhere.

Dubai is a fascinating mix of Arab and western...

Jon, Gary and Jeff went to Ski Dubai.

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