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Highlights of April 2007

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On April 2-6, the landscaping crews came in and began demolition of our back yard. Jon, TasZ, and Asia thought it was really cool to have a back hoe in our yard and Care really enjoyed the extra bathroom.

April 2

April 3

April 4

April 6
April 8


Beginning the retaining wall footings and form work

April 9

April 12

April 13

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The third week in April, Jon went to Shanghai and Nanjing while Care stayed home to supervise construction.


In Nanjing, we visited a digital architecture conference and a solider's tomb. We also saw a student design contest using Revit for sustainable design.

Retaining Walls

The third week in April, while Jon was in China, the contractor formed and poured new retaining walls.


This is what they looked like upon his return

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April 22-25, Jon attended Harvard Business School's executive education course titled Getting Global Strategy Right.



While Jon was at Harvard, the crew demolished the old patio and prepared the formwork for the new patio and stairways.

Getting ready to pour the patio...

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On Sunday, the 29th, one of our friends saw N478C flying overhead at 2,500 feet and snapped a picture.

Photos courtesy B. Rus


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