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Highlights of May 2014

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EG Conference

At the beginning of May, Jon went to the EG conference in Monterey.

Burning Man Headquarters

In early May, we visited the Burning Man offices in the Mission - learned more about Burning Man and saw some Burning Man art.

New House Paint

We painted our house gray with white trim. This is the completion of the renovation work we did in 2013.

Saturday Afternoon on the Rolling Hills Deck

A whole lot of purple going on!

Barron Birthday Bash
At first there was tennis, margaritas, tennis, more margaritas, more margaritas and a little tennis, more beer, more margaritas....

Two Hounds From Siberia


Solid at Ft. Mason

In late May, Jon went to the Solid conference at Ft. Mason. Before the conference he got a nice walk along the edge of the bay.


 "Look" -ing at the Lytro

For several weeks, I have been experimenting with the Lytro Field Camera, total light camera - plenoptic.  While enjoying a wonderful lunch with friends Anh, Leah and Doug, I took some pictures to demonstrate the refocusing/depth of field capabilities of the camera.

Here we go:

One important piece of information - the digital information for these three images is contained in a single file.  I have tapped into the file using the Lytro software to extract different focal points from this image. The first picture on the left is focused on the three buds.  The next picture is focused on the rose nearest to the camera.  The last picture is "All Focus", note the sharpness of the back wall all the way forward.

Another example:

The food was as delicious as it looks. 
The egg on the first picture is in focus.  The second picture is focused on the back salad.  The third picture is an "all focus" depth of field. Check out the "Hot" sauce.


More on Lunch.  Tidus enjoying the sun.

Our Hosts and Guests.

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