This page shows the progress of our renovations August-November 2013.

Renovation (Week 1) - August 22
Technically, we commenced destruction of two bathrooms, wet bar and removal of window trim on August 22, 2013.  Here we go:

What a difference a day makes.   Below, Day 1 v. Day 2 in Guest shower.

Guest bath and wet bar inside.  Window trim removal on exterior.

Renovation (Week 2) - August 26

In addition to continuing destruction,  the plumber installed the first of our new Totos.  Yeh!  He also installed the Universal Rough In box for the new shower.  On Friday,  the windows arrive and we see the first rough installs in the garage, laundry and family room. 

Renovation (Week 3) - Sept 3
Out with the old, In with the new, slowly.  We passed our first inspection on 5 new windows.  Of course, they must be inspected twice again before completion.

Inside and outside shots of the new windows.

The patterns are set on the slabs for the wet bar and guest bath vanity, respectively.

And then there is our landscape project with new sprinklers and stone path.


Renovation (Week 4) - September 9
Remember those slabs above, here they are:

Windows, windows and more windows.  This week the first wood frames were seated.

Only 1 window left in the rear.

Renovation (Week 5) - September 16


Renovation (Week 6) - September 23
The windows are all installed in the rear and the trim is almost finished complete with paint.

The arch window went in and a detail of the flashing is represented.

Not to be forgotten is the guest bath where the pan is holding water ready for infinity drain and sheet rocking.

Renovation (Week 7) - September 30

Renovation (Week 8 ) - October 7

Renovation (Week 9) - October 14

Renovation (Week 10) - October 21

Renovation (Week 11) - October 28

This week's theme was electrical.  Let there be light in the bathrooms. The dangling look is for the benefit of the inspectors.

Taping, Mudding, Painting - Oh my!  What shall we do about "window treatments"?


Renovation (Week 12) - November 4

This week was less photogenic. There was more work on getting the walls ready to paint. They used the "texturing" machine to put that 80's style drywall texture in place. It looks like the old walls now. Texturing is done (except for the two baths - see below) and we are ready for the painters this coming week.

There was more work on the electrical in the guest bath and powder room. Exhaust fans were installed in both the guest bath and powder room (replacement of the old fan). The electrical is now ready for inspection and we hope to get it fully operational this week. The plumber installed a new shower head in our master bath. Both baths need texturing and then they will be ready for the painters.

Finally, we installed LED yard lighting to light the path in the side yard at night.


Renovation (Week 13) - November 11

Again, not a very photogenic week - this was the time in every job when the contractor moves on to another other job and neglects this job. Always happens. Contractors don't seem to understand that owners know that and are annoyed by it. Most of the work this week was painting with a little electrical. The coming week is "supposed" to have a lot more work done. We have a large punchlist and are starting to manage it more actively.

Painting was complete in Jon's study, Care's study, family room, and the guest room. Smoke detectors were added to all of the bedrooms to bring us up to code.

We passed preliminary electrical inspection - now need to finish the electrical. We are adding LED lighting and bulbs are in high demand so we have dependency on them.

Renovation (Week 14) - November 18

The LED bulbs arrived so the electrical was completed as well as the painting - lots of details got done.

We were able to reassemble much of our house. Now the main thing we are awaiting is arrival and completion of our new front door.

Renovation (Week 15) - November 25

This week, there was some touch-up painting and everything was complete except for the front door, tuneup on family room door, and paint work on some of the cabinets. What was most exciting is that we began to get our house back. The contractor cleaned up the garage (so we could put our cars in after three months outside) and removed the plastic that was protecting the wood floors - so we can see and enjoy the floors again. Care was most excited about getting faucet handles in the powder room. The contractor ordered the wrong ones and the manufacturer discontinued that line - so Care was quite distressed and very relieved when the right ones arrived and were installed.

What is notable about the pictures below is that our cars are in the garage instead of the driveway and the porta-potty that sat in the driveway is now gone.

Renovation (Week 16) - December 2

No pictures for the week of December 2 - because there was nothing done - nothing changed!

Renovation (Week 17) - December 9

Two milestones this week. First, our window coverings were installed - which let us take down the plastic and have a modicum of sun control and privacy. We got automatic blinds in the family room so Care loves to play with the remote and make the shades go up and down.

Second, our new front door finally arrived and was installed - there is still some painting and hardware work to do but it arrived in time for us to get the Christmas tree into the living room.

Renovation (Week 18) - December 16

Finally - the front door was installed and painted - project is now finished!

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