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Highlights of September 2004

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BRAGS - TasZ First Blue Ribbon

Sir Francis Drake Kennel Club Dog Show - September 11-12, 2004

TasZ's first competition and she took first place in Puppy Bitches, 6-9 months. There were only two dogs in her class - 6-9 month old females. So she had a 50% chance of winning.

The show was held at the Marin Civic Center with the backdrop of Frank Lloyd Wright's famous design work.


Below is the competition.. Looks like TasZ has her eye on the Judge.

Some of the more moving moments of the competition in which TasZ determined she was going to finish first.







TasZ @ Work

Tasmania still comes to work with us. Here she is at Jon's office. See the contrast between now and April, when the picture on the right was taken.

 MIT Emerging Technology Conference

At the end of September, Jon went to Cambridge, MA for the MIT Emerging Technologies Conference

MIT at Dawn MIT campus and Stada Center
Kresge Auditorium (Saarinan)
 Jon photo courtesy Gary Lang.

On to October.

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