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Highlights of November 2004

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On November 6, Jon qualified for his commercial multiengine rating after a checkride with Steve - the local FAA Designated Examiner. The means that the FAA deems him capable of flying an airplane with more than one engine. Of course, the insurance company is a different matter. It means there are twice as many things to go wrong and it costs twice as much to fix. Jon did his training in N122PG, a 1960s vintage Baron. A very nice plane.

Jon and his instructor, Jeff with N122PG
The panel
Landing at Petaluma
Photos courtesy of Rob Clark


November 8-10, Jon participated in a course on Building And Implementing Growth Strategies at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago. He stayed just north of the loop on Michigan Avenue and got some Chicago photo opportunities.

City View looking North from the business school The Chicago River
The Wrigley Building Wrigley at Night
Michigan Avenue Streetscape

New York

We spent the weekend before Thanksgiving in New York City. We stayed at the Essex House, on Central Park South - a great location - and did a lot of NYC tourist things. We toured the World Trade Center Site, The U.N, and Central Park. We also went to see two Broadway musicals - Wicked and Dracula and we went to the opening of the new building for MOMA - the Museum of Modern Art.





We spent Thanksgiving back in San Francisco with our friends Mark and Glenna. They invited us, Kathy, Greg, and Vicky over for a Thanksgiving feast.


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