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Highlights of April 2004

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Tasmania Taking Care of Business

Tasz likes to go to work with both Jon and Care. Here she is in some of her favorite poses in Jon's office.

TasZ has her own cubicle But she likes alternative work spaces, too... Her job is very stressful
She gets to work with lots of books And involves a lot of deep concentrationAnd an occasional flash of insight


TasZ with her toy...

TasZ with a toy

Sea Ranch

In mid-April, we took a trip up the Sonoma coast to Sea Ranch, one of our favorite retreats. We stayed in a house called Summerwind - right on the beach. We took our books and had a relaxing weekend reading, watching movies in the "movie room", soaking in the spa, and hiking on the beach.

It was Tasmania's first visit to the kennel, and Care enjoyed the relaxation and time away from TasZ. She came back from the kennel very wired, though!

The Summerwind
Care reading by the spa
Care relaxing in the morning

Beach View


At the end of April, Jon went on a trip to China, visiting Beijing and Shanghai...

Beijing Constructions
Modern Beijing Shanghai Mall

Meeting with faculty at Tongji University...


On to May

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