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Highlights of October 2004

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Ariel's Bat Mitzvah

On October 9th, Ariel had her Bat Mitzvah. We attended the dinner/dance afterwards and saw lots of her relatives and our friends.

Fred - the dad Uncle Richard
The hall Care and Keri
Ariel The Chair Proud Dad

Cameron Park Fly-in

On October 10th, we flew with a friend over to Cameron Park, near Sacramento for a car and airplane show. Cameron Park is an airpark so I taxied off the runway and down the main street to park in front of someone's house.

Main Street and Taxiway Parking at the Curb
The Show Floatplane
Warbird Warbird
Biplane Biplane


The third week in October, Jon went to Harbin, China to open a lab for Autodesk. Harbin is in Northeastern China, near Russia.

In Front of the University Dinner with Faculty

Russian Church in Harbin
The HIT Lab
Russian Church
See the video...





RIP N97920

On October 28, Care and I were preparing to fly our Cessna 182, N97920 down to Santa Barbara for a long vacation weekend. As we were finishing packing at home, the manager of the Petaluma airport called and told us that there had been an accident involving our plane. Our plane was parked in its tiedown spot. A pilot was attempting to start a Citabria across the taxiway when the Citabria got away from him, accelerated across the taxiway, and crashed into our plane - causing extensive damage. Fortunately nobody was killed or injured. The FAA is investigating and we now have the fun experience of dealing with insurance companies and attorneys. Needless to say, we cancelled our vacation plans to deal with the accident.

The picture above left shows the scenario. The Citabria is on the right of the taxiway and N97920 is on the left side.

I am very sad about this. N97920 was the first plane I owned and was perfect for my level of experience.  It will be very difficult to replace.

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