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Highlights of June 2006

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Lake Tahoe Trip

In early June we went to Lake Tahoe for a long weekend. We rented a house with a fabulous view, read, hiked, dined, and relaxed. There was still snow on the mountains and some hiking trails.

China-US Center for Sustainable Development

In mid-June, Autodesk joined the Founder's Circle of the China-US Center for Sustainable Development. The Center is a new type of international organization, focused on achieving results to accelerate sustainable development in China, the United States and the world. It is lead by Madame Deng Nan, China's Vice Minister of Science and Technology (also daughter of Deng Xioping) and William McDonough, famed US green architect. Jon was appointed to the Board of Councilors and traveled to Beijing and Shanghai as well as a green village, Huangbaiyu, sponsored by the Center.

Jon attended his first board meeting in Beijing. Photos courtesy China-US Center for Sustainable Development.


The board then traveled to Huangbaiyu, a green village in the hills near Shenyang, to view the sustainable home development sponsored by the center.

After the village, the board traveled to Shanghai for an International Business Forum on Cradle-to-Cradle development and a New Town Symposium at Tongji University.


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