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Highlights of December 2002

Over the holiday break, Jon and Care had two weeks off. Given all of our business travel this year, we elected to stay home and enjoy the bay area.

Bay Tour

On December 22, Jon and Care flew a bay tour. The grass - normally brown in California was a brilliant green due to recent rains and snow was visible on the mountaintops.


Burdell Hike

On December 23ed, we took Asia and hiked to the top of Mt. Burdell - near our home.

Views south toward the bay.

Asia is the dog walker: she walks Jon and me.


Auburge Du Soliel

On Christmas Eve, we had lunch at Auburge Du Soliel on a ridge above the Napa Valley.


Care Puruses the wine list



Just a coincidence!! Above the picture on the left was taken at Auburge on Christmas Eve 2003. The picture on the right was shot August 1998 in Kenya.  The Rhino on the right is alive and dangerous. 

Christmas to New Years








Besides all the goodies from Santa, Care received stylish PJs from Jon's sister, Sara, and family.


During Jon's holiday break he took time to torment Asia (or did Asia take the time to torment Jon ???)


Read our Christmas letter.

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