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Highlights of March 2002


 Squaw Ski Weekend

The afternoon of April 7th we started our road trip to North Tahoe.  Unfortunately (or fortunately if one considers the snow that was dumping) at Dutchman Flats we were greeted with a closed road over Donner pass. We headed back down the hill to grab some dinner and then returned later in the evening to continue our trip over the pass.  Nine and one half hours later we rolled into the Inn at Squaw Creek and claimed our room. 

A birds eye view of the resort - Run #1

A high speed modem in the room as well as cell phone access made it impossible to detach Jon from work.  But the lure of fresh powder and a beautiful day was too much to resist and we got out on the slopes by mid morning.

Jon doing the High Speed Gig

Beautiful day on the slopes and off

A few turns and we are old pros again. See Jon ski on video below

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Picture Perfect Skiing








Dinner on Friday was at the hotel, Glissandro. It was very good except our waiter kept trying to give us someone else's wine.  Saturday was a gray day and we moved a little slower since the wind was kicking up and a new storm was attempting to move in.










Sunday brought snow and high winds so we spent part of the day by the fire enjoying the snow from a warm dry room. Most of the lifts were closed.

Ready to jump in

Ice rink or poolside - water sports!

Monday morning we skied in warm sunshine before heading home.


Look at those evil blue eyes - she is up to no good...

Asia at 3




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