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Highlights of May 2002

Ventana - Big Sur

The first weekend in May, we went to Ventana - a resort we stayed at 11 years ago in Big Sur.



Fog ViewOur Reading Room








Summer fog is part of the aura of the California coast.  Our view from our porch in the early mornings was mysterious forests.

Afternoon Wine and Reading
Resident Turkey

The flora and fauna range from Mediterranean to high desert.  The field of flowers were breathtaking.

Jon Going Hiking

Mountain Flowers

Jon taking a Beauty BreakWalk in the Hills


North Carolina

In mid-may, we went to Lake Lure, NC to visit Jon's parents.

Jon and Dad rented a plane and flew above Lake Lure

22 Story Cranes
During this past year, a series of giant cranes have been shipped from Shanghai to the Port of Oakland. The delivery of the cranes can only be floated under the Bay Bridge at low tide with a clearance of barely 22 inches. A worker riding the cranes touched the underside of the bridge as it passed underneath. The pictures below were taken from One Market.







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