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Highlights of September 2002

Ranger Jon

On patrol in the Mt. Burdell Marin County Open Space ... Jon and Care are Open Space Trail Watch Volunteers. Jon is on patrol with the K-9 unit.


Sea Ranch

In early September, Jon went to Sea Ranch for a solo life/career planning retreat.


Sea Ranch Lodge

Trees at Sea Ranch

View from the RoadThe Beach




The River
Air StripSea Ranch Airport

BarnA House


On 9/11/2002, Jon braved the US Air transportation system and flew to Ithaca to meet with the Architectural Studio Team


Arch Studio Team

Doug Expounds



In addition to working, Ben took some of the team out on Cayuga Lake in his boat.

The cruiserCaptain Ben







A blue Herron

We convened at Ken's afterwards for a BBQ.




On September 16th, Jon purchased N97920, a 1979 Cessna 182 - our first airplane.








Front LeftTail


Proud Owner

Instrument Rating

On September 19, Jon passed the checkride and earned his instrument rating. On to commercial - the next rating....

Emergency Maneuver Training

After earning his instrument rating, Jon flew 97920 down to Santa Paula, CA for emergency maneuver training, a course to help deal with in-flight emergencies. Jon learned from Rich Stowell (click on patch or card below for Rich's website) how to recover from spins, spirals, control failures, engine failures, rolls, etc.

Click to go to Rich's Home PageClick to go to Rich's homepage

The training was held at Santa Paula airport in a Citabria and Decathalon - both Aerobatic planes...


Decathalon Taking off







DecathalonDecathalon Cockpit

The Santa Paula airport also features a museum with old planes that Jon could explore between sessions.



Jon stayed by the pier in Ventura and did a bit of sightseeing in nearby Ojai.

97920 Parked at Santa PaulaOjai Valley






Ventura BeachfrontVentura Pier


After the course, Jon flew 97920 back to Northern California...

Central California - flatland

Mountains - Central CA

GPS helped me homeConcord Airport - almost home

Safely Home

On to October

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