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Highlights of January 2003

Blast from the Past

One of Jon's classmates found this photo - circa 1980 or 1981 - from another of his classmates' wedding. These gents are from the UC Architecture class of 1980. None of us has changed a bit over the past 20+ years! Jon is the hairiest of the bunch.

UC Classmates - Circa 1981

Photo courtesy Wiser/Prather.

Dinner Party

On January 3ed we had our first dinner party of the new year with friends Ron and Mel and Bob and Cari.

The Hostess Ron and Mel



Round the World

Immediately after the holidays, Jon took a business trip around the world - the UK, Germany, and China in two weeks.


MunichHoliday Inn Munich

Beijing CityTiannamin Square
Beijing Forbidden CityGreat Hall of the People
A Street in BeijingJon at the Forbidden City
Jon and MaoDoug and Jacob enjoy a hotpot
Jon and Philip enjoy a hotpotThe Hotpot
Philip, Mr. Wong, Jon, Doug, Jacob enjoy Thai at the Red BasilPhilip, Mr. Wong, Jon, Jacob at the Red Basil

On to February 2003

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