College Fjord

Glacier Bay
College Fjord

On the morning of Sunday, September 9th, we entered Prince William Sound - of Exxon Valdez fame. The sound was absolutely beautiful. The day was gorgeous, as well.

Prince William SoundPrince William Sound

We took advantage of the weather to get out on deck and enjoy the view of the glaciers as well as read.

A tourist by the glacier

Geof, Kath, Care, Jon
Lounge Lizard

View from the Deck

College Fjord contains a number of glaciers, all named after famous east coast colleges...

College FjordCollege Fjord

College FjordFjord


A Coast Guard helicopter buzzed the ship during our glacier watching session...


On the morning of Monday, September 10th, we anchored in Seward and took a bus from Seward to Anchorage, our departure point.



On the way to Anchorage, we stopped at a wildlife park where we saw a number of animals, including elk, reindeer, buffalo, moose and baby moose.

Wapeti - Go Elks!Buffalo!


Two baby moose

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