June 2001
Up Lee's Ferry Roaring 20s Redwall Cavern Nankoweap Little Colorado Vishnu Creek Hike Out

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Highlights of June 2001

Grand Canyon Paddling Trip

June 2-8, we went on a paddling trip in the Grand Canyon with our friends John and Leslie and assorted relatives and friends of theirs as well as several other travelers. The trip was run by an outfitter named Canyon Expeditions/Explorations and covered roughly 88 miles of the North Canyon from Lee's Ferry to Pipe Springs. We hiked every day and ran numerous rapids in small 6-person rubber paddle boats. We camped on the beach every night. We hiked out to the South Rim on the last day.

Jon and Care in the CanyonWet heads





Tom "Hydro", Jon, and CareJon
Photos above courtesy Saguto.

General Canyon ViewJon and Tent

Click on the date labels in the map below or on one of the pictures following the map to see photographic highlights of our trip.

The Boats at Lee's FerryJune 2
The Boats at Lee's Ferry





June 3
Roaring 20's


Redwall CavernJune 4
Redwall Cavern

Hike up to Anasazi Graneries at NankaweapJune 5
Hiking up to the Anasazi Granaries at Nankoweap

Little ColoradoJune 6
Little Colorado

Clear CreekJune 7
Vishnu Creek and Clear Creek

South Rim TrailJune 8
Hiking out at the South Rim











Group Photo

Click on the photo for a bigger version





Care's Bay Tour

On Saturday, June 23ed, Care accompanied Jon and Lew (Jon's flight instructor) on a Bay Tour. We flew over clouds and fog from Petaluma, over Oakland Airport, landed at San Carlos, then flew directly over SFO (under control of the tower), back to Marin County and Petaluma.

Jon by the planePreflight preparation





Jon in the CockpitSan Quentin from the Air






Over Sausalito and Marin County...

Sausalito and Mt. TamelpiasMarin from the AIr

Over our house, Rolling Hills Club, and Buck's Center...

Our NeighborhoodRolling Hills Club

Buck's CenterMt Burdell from the Air

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