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Highlights of July 2001


Megan Geisha

Our niece, Megan went to Japan with some friends and dressed up as a geisha.

Megan as a Geisha in Japan


Rick Braun Concert

On Sunday, July 1, we went to the Rodney Strong Winery for our first in their summer concert series, an afternoon with Rick Braun. It was a hot (100o) day. We had a picnic and wine.

TicketsThe Crowd






Rodney Strong WineryThe Band






a fan in her pajamasJonCare

The StageThe fans

Rick BraunRick does the audience

Rick in the AudienceA fan with sunglasses

Camping Trip at Pt. Reyes

On July 2nd, we went on a one night camping trip to the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, about 40 minutes from our house. We camped at a camp called Skycamp, about a 1 1/2 miles from the trailhead.

We scouted out the campsite before hiking in with all of our gear.

Care checks out SkycampJon in the RedwoodsJon at Skycamp








We then hiked in with our gear and set up camp...

Jon Pitching the tentCare with her packJon and his Backpack

Our campCare sets up the tent

We then toured the area...then cooked dinner

SkycampView from Skycamp

Limentour Beach from SkycampCare Cooking Dinner






Jon makes a toastJon CookingJon Cooking DinnerCare the Photographer

Care Washing DishesJon in the tent

We then enjoyed the sunset ...

MarkgrafSky Camp Sunset








The next morning we made breakfast (including espresso), packed up, and headed for home...

DawnCoffee makerPacking up for the trip home

4th of July at Sagutos

For 4th of July, we went to John and Leslie's house for dinner... Leslie's sister Amy (who was on the river trip with us) and her Mom were also there...

The pool and backyardBlankenship Sisters

Leslie's mom and sister AmyCare looks at pictures from the riverJon

Leslie and John have been involved in cow-painting, apparently some Sonoma County ritual, the cows were on display out front...Saguto CowJohn and Leslie's Cow



The cowA limo cow






Neil and Lilly Enjoy the cowsCashmere






Neil and LillyNeill supervises at the pool

Our hostess and us...

Leslie and CashmereJon and Care


On July 5th, we had dinner at a restaurant in Napa called ZinValley (a recommendation from John and Leslie)








JonJon at ZinValley

Solo to Chico

On July 6, Jon completed a cross country solo flight to beautiful Chico, California, home of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (on of Jon's favorites). The evidence below...

The meandering red line is the actual GPS track of the flight. The fat blue line underneath is the planned route of flight.

Map of the flightChico Postcard

Ventures Summer Picnic

On Friday, July 22, we had the Ventures team over for a summer picnic...

PreparingChris and Pascal

Picnic - ersA young Di FronzoAiden Owen


The wives Getting ready to eat

Isabella CaneKids eating downstairsKids

Marco Di FronzoPicnic DinnerHenri and Lorena






Our HostessPreparing DessertAmy MacInnis

Kieko Matsui Concert

On July 22, we went to a Kieku Matsui concert at Rodney Strong Vinyards...

Kieko SingingThe Crowd

The ConcertKieko Singing

Maw Birthday

Jon's Grandmother in Columbus, Ohio celebrated her 92nd birthday. Jon and Care could not attend, but the rest of the family did...

Maw @ 92Flowers


On to August 2001


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