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Highlights of August 2001


Mallory Visit

Our niece, Mallory, came to visit. On Friday afternoon, Jon flew over to Oakland with a flight instructor to pick her up, we flew back to Petaluma by way of the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge, Tiburon, and San Quentin. Route of flight is shown below in red...

Panorama of the Golden Gate

We flew over downtown Oakland after taking off from Kaiser Air at the Oakland Airport. We then flew over Alcatraz and near downtown San Francisco

Downtown OaklandKaiser air at Oakland Airport






AlcatrazOver San Francisco

Panorama of San Francisco

Over the Golden Gate

Tiburon and Belvedere

The PilotThe Plane - Cessna N20508

On Saturday, we went to Safari West, an African animal park in Sonoma County

Safari West ParkEye to Eye with an OsterichOsterich

Giraffe FaceMallory and Giraffe


Safari Jee[Antelope

Big BirdBig Hat - no cattle?Camel

GiraffeBig Ear

Watusi CattleZebra

Cape BuffaloCerval Cat

After Safari West, we had a brief stop at the Sonoma County Airshow...

Fire Spotter PlaneNavy Planes
Mallory and a FighterCare and Husky







Mallory and the dogs...

Mallory and AsiaDog Aliens

On Sunday morning, we went to Angel Island and took a sea kayak trip around the island.

Before the tripMallory PrepJon is Ready

Yak AttackReady to PaddleCare is ready
PaddlingMallory Picture

Jon PicAfter yakOn the Beach

Roche Vineyard Party

On August 25th, we went to the Roche Vineyard party with friends Fred, Corlis, Bob, and Cary.

CareFredFred in Photo Mode

Cary, Fred, CorlisDr. FredJon

CaryCare, Fred, CorlisBob

Cary and CareCary, Corlis

The following picture courtesy Fred ...


On to September 2001

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