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Highlights of September 2015

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Design Night

We went to Autodesk's Design Night on September 3. Here Care's mug shot with Heike and friend.

Burdell Hike

Labor day weekend, Jon hiked in the Mt. Burdell open space preserve behind our house. It is a little travelled area that has great views of the main Mt. Burdell preserve.

Mark Grasmehr

Jon's friend Mark died unexpectedly at the age of 59. Mark was an architectural school classmate and roomate. We travelled together and kept in touch over the years but have not seen each other since we moved from Ohio back to California. I'll always remember Mark's infectious laugh and wicked sense of humor. When we got married, Care's father had died so Mark agreed to walk her down the aisle. He was as nervous as if he was her real father. When we moved back to California, we planted a palm tree by our house and named it Mark. The tree was five feet tall (Mark was kind of a short guy). Mark never saw the tree but it is now 50 feet tall and going strong. I'll always remember Mark when I see that palm tree. He had a thing about California.

Counter-Revolving Iris

At the end of September, we installed a Mark White sculpture called a counter-revolving IRIS in our back yard. It is wind-driven and kinetic. We purchased during our Santa Fe trip in July.


At the end of September, Jon went to Boston to teach Autodesk ABLE class. While there he and his colleagues saw the Janet Echelman sculpture and toured the new Autodesk offices (under construction) in the Boston Seaport area.


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