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Cove - June

Before taking on puppydom, we spent a weekend at Sea Ranch in our favorite house, The Cove.

The cove was filled with sea lions including pups.


One June 13, we flew down to Fresno and picked up the latest addition to our family - Lyra - an 11 week old husky pup (she was born on April 1). She came from the same kennel as Buggi and is his niece (his brother is her father). She is, like all puppies, a handful. She is very curious and loving.

 Below are the litter mates: 1 male and 4 female.   Lyra is leftmost and right most dog.  Pictures courtesy of Sherri.

 Lyra at 12 weeks is becoming familiar with our house and backyard.  The cactus appetizer is not our idea.

Lyra looks more than 12 weeks in the picture below. 

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