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This page is a photo album of friends and family ... if you sent us a Christmas picture, it may well be here !!!!

May 2013
The Pittman Clan Goes To Washington, DC


May 2008

Jane, Amy, Sara
Mallory, Megan

December 2002

Sara, Amy, Jane

Jon's sisters - Sara, Amy, Jane...
NiecesJon and Care's Nieces - Emily, Megan, Erin, Alisa, Mallory

Family Kids

Kerr, Kosel, Sussman, and Howard Kids

Kids from the Pittman and Howard families at Maw's birthday this year. Click on Erin's nose to see her and Emily better.

Back row is Adam Kerr, Zach Howard, Mallory Sussman, Erin Kosel, Megan Sussman, and Faith Elizabeth Howard (being held up by Megan)

Front row is Brenden Howard, Emily Kosel, Sophie Howard, and Alisa Kerr.


89th BirthdayJon's grandmother "Maw" at her 89th birthday celebration this year. She looks a lot like Jon did when he was a baby...





Emily and Erin

Emily and Erin Christmas '98 photoEmile and Erin - Summer '99





Emily Kosel - fall '99Erin Kosel

A more recent picture of Erin






Megan, Mallory, and Roxy

Our nieces, Megan and Mallory and their new dog Roxy.

See also pictures of Megan's Visit.

Megan and Mallory Sussman









Megan and Mallory's Dog Roxy - 6 Months






Quinn and Christopher

Quinn Marsh, Ph.DQuinn Marsh - webmaster of the (Jim and Tisha) Marsh family web site, writes an e-mail greeting to his friend Christopher Baab. Quinn is 1.2745 years old.




Christopher BaabChistopher  - son of Dave and Kathy -- is Quinn's buddy. Christopher is almost two and has an interest in giraffes.

See pictures of Christopher's visit





Birthday number two...Christopher's second birthday

Christopher in 4th grade - goes for a flight.

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