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Asia Memorial

November 1 was a warm, sunny day, just the kind of day Asia liked to hike on Mt. Burdell. We took her ashes up for a memorial service and scattered them at the same spot as Trout and Rizbee - overlooking our house. We will always remember her when we hike by this spot.


It's a Boy!

On November 8, we flew down to Fresno and drove to Squaw Valley, in the Sierra foothills, and picked up the latest addition to our family - an 8 week old MALE! husky puppy. He was named Bugatti by the breeder and we have adopted it with variations of Buggi, Mr. Bugatti or Buggi Boy.  Mom and dog are doing well, but big sister, TasZ, is not sure having a pesky little brother is a good idea. Here is a link to Bugatti's transition from birth to 8 weeks.

Bugatti meets  his new guardians.

BuggI checking out his relatives before departing Karamad.
BuggI with his biological mom, Sassy

Pilot and CoPilot heading home.

Bugatti arrives in Northern California
Sketch by C. Winter

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