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Highlights of December 2000

Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico

In early December, we spent a long weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico staying at the Inn at the Anasazi, enjoying great food, and doing holiday shopping.

The Inn of the AnisaziChurch







A Santa Fe adobe houseA tourist does Canyon Road - the gallery street






Holiday lights at nightThe plaza at night






On Saturday night, we went to 10,000 waves - a Japanese bathhouse and Spa

10,000 WavesJon at 10000 WavesJon ready for the spa






Saturday afternoon we explored the Art Galleries on Canyon Road

Canyon RoadCanyon Road DeerCanyon Road Adobe House






The La Fonda HotelDowntown Santa Fe Street Scene






Ventures Holiday Lunch

On December 20th, Jon's Autodesk Ventures group went to the Lark Creek Inn for a holiday lunch.

Vicki Pollick, Betsy Anderson, Pascal Di FronzoBetsy AndersonJon (the host)






Chris BrowneAndy MacInnis and Julie CaneHenri Moudi and Karyn Kambur






Pascal Di Fronzo (demonstrating Italian wine technique) and Chris BrowneJon Pittman and Marcia Sterling


Cool Jazz Christmas

On December 23ed, we went to the KKSF Cool Jazz Christmas with our friends Dan Sullivan and Geraldine McGrath.

Dan and GeraldineJon and CareDan, Care, and Geraldine






Christmas Eve Dinner

On Christmas Eve, we went to Fred and Corlis's for dinner. Corlis Brother Bill and Fred's Brother Richard as well as Bill's kids and Ariel (Fred and Corlis' daugher were in attendance. A pack of wild poodles also added to the festivities.

Uncle Richard contemplates his tennis gameFred and Ariel tickling the ivoriesCorlis' Brother Bill and his two SonsAriel and the dog

Care records everything on videoCorlis comforts a scared poodleAriel inspects her Hannuka gift

The whole clanA duetA cowdog...

Christmas 2000

Jon inspects his stocking on Christmas morningCare seems to have a larger stocking!

Jon Inspects Mr. FlossAsia and her toyAsia Enjoys her Christmas Present

Jon Inspects the new coffee makerSure tastes goodAsia gnaws a bone






See our Christmas letter

East-West Tennis Tournament

We played several tennis games with Fred and Richard (New York) in the first annual East-West tournament. Fred even made shirts up for the tournament.

Care's tournament shirtFred, Care, and RichardJon and Care

Tennis guysJon and Care






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