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Highlights of China

We spent a total of three weeks in China. Upon leaving Australia we flew to Beijing and initiated our north-to-south traverse primarily visiting major cities with the exception of our Yangtze river cruise and a climb in the Yellow Mountains. Click on the map or on the pictures below to take you to places on our trip.

China Map
Jon at the Great Wall at Badling

Beijing and the Great Wall are important sites in northern China.  

Xian Soldier

Next stop is Xi'an and the site of the terra cotta warriors.

Chongquing sited at the confluence of two rivers

We spent a day in Chongquing before starting our Yangtze cruise.

Yantgze Dam Under Construction

The construction of the Yangtze Dam signals permanent change to the areas surrounding the river.

Jon at the Yellow Mountains

Once a sacred space, the Yellow Mountains provide visual magic for those who out of their way to visit.

Cormants waiting for dusk and dinner

Guilin was one of the smaller and less industrialized areas in which we visited.

Sun Yetsen Memorial Hall





Guangzhou is the home of the Sun Yetsen Memorial Hall.

City of Hong Kong






Our last China stop was the city of Hong Kong.  Densely populated on a narrow island, Hong Kong remains the Chinese enigma.


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