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 Highlights of Shanghai

April 8, 2000.  After checking into the JC Mandarin Hotel located in the heart of the city, we walked down Nanking Road toward the Bund, Wall Street of Shanghai. The city of Shanghai consists of 14.2 million people.  As we walk this people-packed route, the road turns into a pedestrian mall lined with shops and department stores plus the big screen broadcast transmissions not unlike Tokyo.

Shopping area of Shanghai








We strolled along the Bund taking in the buildings which were part of the original trading companies and financial establishments.  Across the  Huangpu River is the TV Tower and the 88- story Hyatt. 

Looking down the BundView from the Bund looking across the river

 We checked out the the interior of the old grand dame " Peace Hotel" and then cut over at the Peoples Park toward the new Shanghai Theatre and Museum.  

Shanghai MuseumEntrance to Shanghai Museum





Shanghai Performance HallPlanning Building





These white buildings were a sharp contrast to the existing pollution laden Shanghai structures.  Then we ambled over to the Flower and Bird Market - famous for birds, turtles, skinks, fish, and crickets all presented pleasingly to the visitor in the market's very narrow and cramped alleys .

Birds at the Bird MarketGoldfish in the Market

Plants and crickets are sold in the marketCrickets galore





After eating dinner at a restaurant along the way, we returned to the Bund to see the nightlights and the crowds.  Student groups frequently stop tourists in order to practice their English.  An 11 year old boy approached us this evening - he was so poised and articulate  that we spent some time talking with him about our world as well as his life.  We capped the night at the Peace Hotel  listening to a live jazz quartet.

English practice on the Bund

April 9.  We were chaperoned today and our first visit was the Jade Buddhist Temple - a working monastery.  This was a very animated and live space.

Relief on exterior of temple wallRelief on temple wall





Very active Temple


 Next we drove on to the Children's Palace where the arts are taught to all ages of students and only the most gifted survive. The remainder of the morning was spent in the Yuyuan Gardens, a 5 acre tea garden and a jewel in the middle of old Shanghai. 

Yuyuan Garden WallsYuyuan Garden Wall






Dragon made of china: cups, spoons, dishes

We lunched at a Mongollan hot pot restaurant after which we drove through the commercial PuDong district east across the river. Eight years ago this area was farm land. Today a tower, a replica of the Kuala Lampur twin towers, stands toe-to-toe to dozens of other high rise office buildings and TV towers. The government is offering subsidies to those who will live and work on in this area in order to relieve the congestion of Shanghai and increase the tax base for the area.   

Our visit to the modern Shanghai Museum was as enriching on the outside as it was on the interior.  The spaces were very well laid out and the exhibits were illuminated based on the latest technology using motion sensors. Jade pieces, costumes, coins, art works, and pottery were presented encased as well as free standing for close access short of touching. 

Our next stop was Guilin.




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