Happy Valley

Happy Valley
Lamma Island

July 3, Wed.  We spent the morning exploring the Midlevels which is the area that runs half way up to Victoria Peak and is one of the more desirable residential areas of the island. The Midlevels escalator connects Central Market to the these upper regions so that residents and tourists can move easily up and down the hill. From this area Hong Kong University, the Botanical Gardens and numerous neighborhood restaurants are accessible.


Next we rode the underground train to Wanchai. We were doing a repeat visit to the Red Pepper restaurant that we had enjoyed so much on our initial trip to the city.  We arrived early so we spent time wandering the open markets in the narrow streets and the major shopping areas.

After lunch Jon wanted to see the raceway located nearby so we walked over to the Jockey Club and strolled in.  The grounds of the Happy Valley Racetrack are so large that it is difficult to see the track at the ground level.  The stadium and the residential apartment towers surrounding the area have the best views of the course.  In addition to the track is a football (soccer) field used by the respective men and women soccer clubs.

That evening we planned to meet and have dinner one of colleagues living in Hong Kong. He and his wife were to meet us in Stanley, on the south side of the island.  We cabbed over and had some time to poke around Stanley Market, the renovated Police Station and the new housing complex before they arrived. 


July 4th, we went to Lamma Island

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