Alpine Hiking
Swiss 1977

We did not rent a car but took the swiss railway system everywhere in the country. It is very extensive (and expensive!)

Grindelwald Train StationLooking in the opposite direction






Grindelwald is a touristy-place that fits the sterotype of a swiss mountain town...
A hotelGrindelwald street scene






The best thing about Grindelwald is the spectacular view of the mountains from the town.

Mountain viewA view of the valley






Mountain viewMist in a mountain canyon





Jon enjoyed the views from a restaurant desk and from the patio of the Belvedere Hotel where we stayed.  There is a recurrent theme in these patio pix...

Jon does lunchAnd that is a Swiss Wine!!

... and there were lots of tourists...

A tourist










Of course, we did a lot of alpine hiking while we were there...

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