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Highlights August 1999


On Sunday, August 1, we took a drive to Healdsburg, the Dry Creek Valley and Lake Sonoma. The following pictures are from Lake Sonoma.

LakeSonomaDam at Lake Sonoma - head end of the Dry Creek Valley






Dry Creek ValleyDry Creek Dam






Care at the Lago






The weekend of August 20-22, we went to Tassajara, a Zen Buddhist community in a remote area of the the Los Padres National Forest, about 10 miles west of Big Sur and 3 hours south of San Franciso. We read, hiked, slept, and ate. Met a bunch of interesting people, too. A great getaway...

View of Tassajara (way down in the valley)care in a carved chair












People waiting for dinnerThe Zendo






Entry courtyardPool






Care checks out the flowersCare in the garden












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