February 2017

February was spent getting ready for knee surgery. It was also a busy month for Autodesk events - SLAM (at which our long-time CEO, Carl Bass, announced his resignation), DOD Fellows Company Day, and a team offsite and cooking extravaganza.

SECDEF Fellows Cage Match

For the second time, Autodesk hosted a SECDEF Exective Fellow. As part of the program, we invited all of the SECDEF fellows for "Company Day". U.S. Army Colonel Zach, our fellow, was determined to host a great event - which we did. Among other things we featured a cage match with Autodesk employees, friends, and some of the fellows.

Cage Match

Team Offsite

Jon's team held an offsite to plan for the year and get organized for progress while Jon was away on medical leave. There were a lot of post-it notes and deep thoughts.

Team Offsite

Photos courtesy Shaan Hurley

Jeff Maurice
Heather Scott Tom and Evan

Team Dinner

After our offsite, we had a team dinner. We found a cool place in North Beach right above the Vesuvio Cafe. The place provided an industrial kitchen, elegant dining room, and all of the pots, pans, cutlery, and place settings for a team dinner. The younger members of the team planned and supervised, and the more senior members of the team cooked. We discovered that we had a few accomplished chefs on the team and at least one team member who did not know how to boil water. The exercise brought out a lot in the team and was really fun.

Dinner Table Drinks before Dinner

Photos courtesy Shaan Hurley

Before cooking
Menu Aftermath