December 2017

In December we had a number of social events leading up to the holidays...

Christmas Lights

At the beginning of December we decked the house out with Christmas lights. Jon's IoT setup made it pretty easy to control all of the lights. For the first time this year, we lit a tree in our backyard. We got the live tree for Christmas several years ago, planted it as a baby, and now it is a big pine tree - so we thought it appropriate to give it some holiday lights.

Living Room Living Room
Back Yard Tree Front Lights
Front Lights Living Room

Holiday Lunch

Jon's Autodesk team (and former Applied Research Team) had a holiday lunch at the Vitale Hotel. This was the same gang that had dinner in Las Vegas, but this time, we had the honor of Kerry Ann with us in person.

Team lunch Team Lunch
Team Lunch Team Lunch
Team Lunch Toast Team Lunch

Left photo courtesy Scott Sheppard

Holiday Card

Jon and Care's 2017 holiday card is below...

Turkey Vulture

While hiking Mt. Burdell, we came across a signpost with a big turkey vulture spreading his wings.

Turkey Vulture Turkey Vulture

Autodesk Holiday Party

On December 13, Autodesk hosted a holiday part at the San Francisco Exploratorium.

Jeff, Heike, Jon Jason, Heather, Hui
Jason, Heather, Hui Matt, Heike, Andrew

Anh and Doug Lunch

On December 16, our friends Anh and Doug came over for lunch. Anh is having a partial knee replacement with Jon's surgeon so we loaded her up with all of our gear from Jon's knee replacement. We had hot and sour soup, shitake rice, and salmon wraps. Yum!

Doug and Anh Care, Doug, Anh
Jon, Care, Doug Salmon

Christmas Eve

On December, 24th, Christmas Eve, our friend Heike'sfriends Anja and Austin, invited us to their home in Oakland for their annual Christmas Eve Dinner. It was fun celebrating the holidays and getting to know new people.

Photo courtesy Heike