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Highlights of January 2008

What were we reading in January 2008?

Moonhie Fest

On January 5, we went to a party at Moonhie and Jerome's. They were without power at the beginning of the party but the power came on mid-afternoon.


Post Ranch

We spent a three-day weekend January 11-13, staying in a treehouse room at Post Ranch Inn, one of our favorite places in Big Sur.

The view from our room.

On Sunday, we hiked Mt. Manuel - a major hike - 11 miles, 3500 feet vertical - that we have been wanting to do for a number of years.


While at Post Ranch, we purchased a mobile by Laurant Davidson, a student of Alexander Calder's, from Ventana. We have admired this mobile for a couple of years and finally decided it would look great in our living room.


The week of January 14, Jon went to Morocco for the final joint APAC/E EMEA operations review. We began with a team building exercise that involved donkey polo, camel rides, and 4 wheeling.

Photos courtesy Autodesk
Photos courtesy Autodesk
hotos courtesy Autodesk

Right photo courtesy K. Brewer

After the meeting, a group of us went to a tented camp in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains where we were treated donkey rides to the nearby village, a sumptuous meal, and a variety of entertainers, dancers, and musicians.

Left picture courtesy N. Huang, right courtesy K. Brewer.
Photos courtesy K. Brewer
Photos courtesy N. Huang
Right Photo courtesy N. Huang.
Photos courtesy N. Huang
Photos courtesy N. Huang
Photos courtesy N. Huang
Photos courtesy N. Huang
Left photo courtesy N. Huang, Right courtesy K. Brewer.
Photos courtesy K. Brewer.

Prior to departure for the U.S. Jon and Karen went shopping in the souks (markets) or Marrakech.

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