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Highlights of October 2001


Howell Fest

On Saturday, October 6, we went to Ian and Renee's  house for a party for our friends Ian and Julia  - who recently adopted two Russian children - Alex and Katie. It was an Autodesk reunion with several current Autodesk people and many former Deskers.


Alex and Katie The kids

Ian plays DadAlex

Julie and CareIan and Bern

Women FolkMen Folk






Julie and Ms. QJulie, Care, Rene




Julia's Birthday CakeJulia and the CandlesIan


The weekend of October 12-14, Jon and Care drove to Lake Tahoe to celebrate Jon's 45th birthday. We rented a plane at the Truckee airport. An instructor took Jon up for the checkout ride which included stalls and emergency procedures. Care was thrilled.

Truckee AirportTruckee Airport

Truckee from the AirTahoe City from the Air



North ShoreEast Shore

West ShoreEmerald Bay

HeavenlySquaw Valley

Donner LakeGolf Course

After our airplane ride, we hiked part of the Tahoe Rim Trail...

Tahoe Rim Trail MarkerView fro the Rim

The RimRimThe Rim
TouristThe forest

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