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Highlights of November 2001

Rolling Hills Tennis Banquet

On November 11th, we went to the Rolling Hills Club annual Tennis awards banquet and had the following picture taken...

Together at the tennis banquet

Lizard Island

Over Thanksgiving, we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary by flying to Australia to Lizard Island, a resort on a desert island in the Great Barrier Reef off the northeast coast of Australia.

Jon and Care with the Blue Lagoon in the backgroundAerial View of Lizard Island
Map of the IslandMap of Australia

We arrived on the island by airplane at a private airstrip in the middle of a national park.

MacAir - DeHavilland Twin OtterMacAir on the runway
The Terminal BuildingThe park

The resort housed 80 guests in secluded bungalows. The island was a tropical paradise - with very few inhabitants. 

The beachThe Lagoon

A bungalowThe pool
the BoardwalkCare on the Beach

The island was supplied by barge from the mainland every two weeks. The staff referred to this as the "beer barge".

Supply BargeBreakfast on the Veranda

Bay ViewOur home away from home - our room

Loafing on our porchTourist photgraphing a lizard

It is named Lizard Island because it is populated with thousands of prehistoric looking monitor lizards - some reaching 5 feet in length. The lizards are harmless - but do make for good entertainment.

A lizard



In addition to lizard-watching, there were a lot of things to do on the island and in the nearby lagoon and Great Barrier reef. The island had a fleet of dinghies available. We took one out to an area called the Blue Lagoon for a picnic. 

Dinghy FleetJon pilots a Dinghy




Blue Lagoon picnic spotOur picnic
View from our picnic spot

We also dove (Jon) and snorkeled (Care) in the Great Barrier reef...

Jon looking for sharksCare Snorkeling

The reefHarry picking out some of the more interesting sea life

What a fright? Giant Clam Garden off the island

Keep in mind while viewing the underwater pictures, both Jon and I used throw-away cameras.  It is amazing to see the clarity of the coral (and Jon's face) and the colors picked up underwater. 

The variety of coral and fish was mesmerizing Three types of coral growing together
A token shark for our collection- not interested in us One of our turtle friends

Sweet Lips were prevasive
In addition to the reef and lizards, there was wildlife to examine - including a nest of ospreys and whatever Care could dredge up from the bottom...

Osprey IslandCare with a starfish

We also hiked around the island and up to Cook's Look, the highest point on the island where James Cook and party hiked to have a look around.

Care in the sandWatson's Cove

The blue lagoonResort from Cook's Look

We played tennis almost daily, read a lot, ate at the 5-star restaurant, or if all else failed, just enjoyed the view...

Email on a Mac - even on vacation Tennis every day in our tournament
Sunset Dusk from our room

Sailboats Care ready for dinner - those are not pajamasView from our room

On the way back to civilization, we spent the night in a bed and breakfast near the Cairns airport. The beaches were beautiful, but you have to be aware of the stinging jellyfish.

Cairns B&BCare on the beach

Cains beachStinger stationVinegar for the stingers

On to December 2001

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