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Pictures of people in Kenya


In Masai land, the locals were very curious about blonde hair...

Women dress Julia, Care, and Havan in Masai jewelryMasai don't know what to think about blondes


Care and Masai

Care and a local at a Masai circumcision ceremony Care made friends with a Masai woman in Masai Land...







Mike RichardsonMasai are very respectful of age. One of our group, Mike, was made an honorary elder - "Olisenari Wibor" -- means "Old White Guy" by the Masai elders. Jon was in the "Junior Elder" catagory.



Baby Photos

In Matendoni, on the coast, some of the Swahili families enlisted our aid as baby photographers...

Mom and Baby Swahili CousinsProud PapaGrandma shows off her new grandchildren

Swahili kid shows off his new cousinsSwahili BoySwahili Girl


James Our Masai guide at Rekero, on the edge of the the Masai Mara game preserve.

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