Tiger's Nest

Oct 6 - Jon and I rendezvoused in Bangkok, Jon arriving early morning the previous day and Care late the previous night - destination Peninsula Hotel. The smells were familiar and the lights on the roads and buildings seemed very dim.  Although there was no constant horns blasting as in Vietnam, there were tons of motor bikes weaving in and out of traffic.  We had a late breakfast outside on the terrace while we enjoyed watching the sights on the Chao Phraya River.

We relaxed wandering the grounds of the Peninsula.

We set out to explore parts of the city that we had not seen on our last trip. After crossing the river we made our way toward Chinatown, through alleys, past consulates, and into several dead ends.

After spending several hours walking, we decided to head to the Supatra River House.  It was an a challenge finding a tuk tuk that knew where the restaurant was located but we persevered.  After our lunch, we grabbed a ferry, packed in like sardines and cruised down the river to our hotel.

Our jet lag was catching up with us so we spent some time swimming and resting by the hotel pool.  Dinner was at the hotel's excellent Thai restaurant.  We started out enjoying a waterfront table and had to move into one of the pavilions due to a thunder shower.

The next day we checked out of the hotel and headed north to Ayutthaya.

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